One API For Cryptography

Coherence (ko.eˈɾen.s) performs and offloads cryptography operations with a focus on interoperability, flexibility and simplicity. Coherence gives an interface for modern cryptographic algorithms which is inspired by web APIs, but being HTTP-less, it is implemented as a TCP non-blocking server with a JSON interface in order to be used by any language, in other words Coherence minimizes development time and code complexity. Some of the algorithms offered by Coherence are AES and AES candidates, Sosemanuk, SHA* family, HMAC, DH, RSA, DSA, ECC, NTRU.

The future of data breaches is not encouraging,  on 2017 less than 4% of data breaches the cryptography became the data stolen into data useless, with enterprise options as well as open source options to perform cryptography even so year in year out data breaches grow.

Collection #1 is the biggest a data breach until now with  773 Million record compromised. Year in year out data breaches grow. On 2017 [1], 82 records were compromised every second but in the first half of 2018 [2] were 214 every second, it increase almost 300%.

Do you need it?

  • Authenticity

  • Confidentiality

  • Integrity

  • Anonymity

  • Privacy

  • Create new cryptographic protocols

  • Data base encryption

  • Files encryption

  • Strings encryption

  • Cryptography offload

  • NSA Suite B Cryptography

  • AES candidates

  • eSTREAM portafolio

  • SHA* standard

  • PHC

  • MAC functions

  • Rand numbers

  • Key agreement

  • Public-key cryptography

  • Digital signatures

  • Elliptic curves cryptography

  • ANSI, Brainpool, and NIST curves.

  • Post-Quantum Cryptography

What is Coherence?

  • It works with your favorite language

  • Less than 30 mb

  • Elasticsearch ready

  • Logs in json format

  • Good documentation

  • Open source

  • Full featured

  • Free of charges

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to get

  • Easy to integrate



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