Nowadays we are giving our privacy to unknown people, unknown systems, artificial intelligences in the best cases, sometimes with consent and others without it. Why does it happened? because we don’t care about it. The question is not about if you have something to hide, the question is what do you want to share with the world?, because if you share everything , where is your privacy? what do you keep for yourself? simple, you have nothing to share with yourself. We let it happens because we don’t understand the difference between keep and hide, privacy and secrecy. Oneself has to protect its own privacy not because one has something to hide but because everyone have the right to keep something for oneself.

Since beginning of civilization everything we do like humankind is summarized in transactions, nowadays in the digital era practically everything we do are transactions from receiving emails to financial movements, so the idea is to have knowledge only of that which is directly necessary for that transaction. Liesware emerges from “A Cypherpunk's Manifesto by Eric Hughes” & "The Cyphernomicon by Tim C. May“. What we are doing is to protect information to make transactions from unwanted people, transactions itselfs and parties. We want to help to create anonymous transaction systems.

“An anonymous system empowers individuals to reveal their identity when desired and only when desired; this is the essence of privacy ” by Eric Hughes.

We believe in privacy, we believe in math, we are liesware.

Mission statement

Bring cypherpunk movement to enterprise world.
(Empowering to humans beings to protect their privacy)

Values statement

Ubuntu -> “I am because we are”
Change -> “To substitute one for another“
Coherence -> “Suitable connection or dependence, consistency”
Meliora -> “For the pursuit of something better”

These values statements define how we try to solve problems:


Vision statement

Avoiding the 1984 cypherpunk apocalypse.