Coherence on L7

I am so grateful with open source community, thanks to all the people who has been written something to share their knowledge with the world... with us.

Mar 26, 2018

Behind coherence exists a philosophy, more exactly it is an expression of myself. Everything one does it is an expression of oneself,  everyday we try to express ourselves with facts and thoughts. So I tried to make a kind of translation into Coherence "Be nice, Be creative, Be simple" and what it defines is "Make it simple". Yeah, the simpler, the better !!!

Well, the name was because of lacking of cohesiveness and coherence between L4 and L7 in security, somethings can not be translated from L7 to L4 because they have no sense, but there are other ones which need to solve, Coehrence is interested on  privacy problems between L7 systems.

Ourselves are removing privacy from our own hands. There are a lot of intelligence agencies, a lot of surveillance, a lot of programs, Five Eyes, Six Eyes, Nine Eyes, Fourteen Eyes... PRISM and so on. We let it happens because we do not understand the difference between keep and hide, privacy and secrecy. The question is not about if you have something to hide, the question is what do you want to share with the world?, because if you share everything , where is your privacy? what do you keep for yourself? simple, you have nothing to share with yourself... it is so pathetic.

Coherence is to give an underlay to create new ways to make interactions, transactions, networks, markets, money. In few words create new ways which let us communicate with privacy. Privacy needs authenticity, confidentiality, integrity and anonymity but not only on L4 but too on L7.  We need to see each OSI layer different, but we extrapolate "if you have L4 security, it means you have security in subsequent Layers" , if a system gives you security on L4 , you have that, just that , nothing more, nothing less, we really need to understand this.

So, we need ideas like Silk Road (this market is highly questionable) "Eliminate violence from streets". We do not need copy-paste ideas, revolutionary ideas or new ideas, we have a lot of ideas and knowledge, we just need smarter ways to do stuff and resolve problems.

I do not like black or white, maybe grey and someday possibly grey becomes emptiness.