Where could you use Coherence?

It depends completely and utterly on you. Why? because Coherence is a toolkit. Here we show you some of the main Coherence’s applications, but if you want something visionary/crazy/stupid apps please see Welcome to Coherence.


Database Encryption

Data protection is growing in importance, We need to understand these highlights:

Protect your data from unwanted access with strong encryption algorithms your database on the fly.


The IoT is the next step for our society, these devices will interact with our data and identity, but we are prepare to face the new IoT security challenges, for example:

  • A hacker could control the devices

  • User data will be leaked

  • A hacker could access personal information through my devices

  • IoT security weaknesses can be used to conduct crime

Create secure transaction systems for your IoT technology , protect your users’ privacy.


The digital identity of human beings is the based to create transactions on internet… What happened when your users suffer identity thief ?

Avoid a repeat of previous password breaches  involving weak or no hashig, protect access data.

Cryptography offload

Offload, having an specialized software dedicated entirely for cryptographic operations. Cryptographic operations like encrypting and decrypting is a very CPU-intensive task for webapps, so offload alleviates CPU-intensive encryption and decryption tasks from your webapp, boosting application performance. Make JavaScript do webpages renders not cryptographic operations.

Improve your users’ experience, make cryptographic protocols inside their web browser installing nothing.

Post quantum cryptography

Quantum computing is nearly to break our cryptosystems which we use to secure our internet transactions.

Take security to the next level. Protect your data before data breaches.

CrypTographic protocols design

Learn how to use cryptography work for you, improve you data security. There are so many cryptographic algorithms so match your needs with the cryptographic algorithms.

Every app is different, your security layer too.


Blockchain has been a revolutionary technology. Create your custom blockchain protocol, even inside a web browser.


Analyze and search on sensitive data without decrypting anything. Coming soon…